aerial studio offering privates, classes and workshops

About Us


About the studio

The studio is newly refurbished, and as well as hosting all of the classes, is available to hire (by the hour).

The studio has five fixed, floor-to-ceiling poles that measure up to twelve feet. Floor-to-ceiling wall bars, that can be used for strength and conditioning. Four aerial rigging attachment points with three sets of silks, two aerial hoops and a cloud-swing. The studio also has toilet facilities, floor-to-ceiling mirrors and a water machine.



Pole is taught by Hayley and is a fun and sexy way to gain confidence and get fit. Combining strength and flexibility to execute flawless spins, inverts and dance moves. Pole is an extremely fun alternative to the gym with a full body workout and is a fun skill to learn. Pole fitness is also a great way to meet new people or socialise with existing friends. 


Aerial information and classes

Silks, hoop and cloud-swing is taught by Millie. silks is a stretchy material that hangs from the ceiling and is used to execute: drops, rolls and poses. Hoop is a metal 'O' that hangs from the ceiling wrapped in tape and is used to perform: spins, poses and drops. Finally cloud-swing is a specialist rope swing with a metal core that hangs from the ceiling and is used to perform: swings, flips and poses.

Here is what the equipment looks like: